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Vanguard technologies are democratizing access to health care and solving critically unmet needs.

Hear from founders taking the most recent discoveries from the bench to the clinic for better diagnostic and therapeutic options.

The World Health Organization announced that antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections are a leading threat to global health, a threat exacerbated by improperly prescribed drugs. RizLab Health helps clinicians cut antibiotic dependency by pinpointing the source of infection (and thus choosing the correct clinical course) with their point-of-care device that differentiates bacterial from viral infection profiles within minutes. No longer will pediatricians prescribe antibiotics for every earache when they can quickly determine that a child has a common cold virus... and this is just the beginning of applications of the RizLab technology!

RizLab CEO Mehdi Javanmard, Ph.D.

Rizlab Health Federal Award History

The device presented can transform care for infectious disease, oncology, and psychiatry patients.

The development of the device by researchers at Rutgers startup RizLab Health Inc along with the clinical validation is described in the science and medical journal PLOS One.

RizLab Health DRIVe portfolio

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